Jellybeans Childcare

Climbing Trees at Mt Claremont OSHC

At Jellybeans Mount Claremont Kids Club we are working on our risk taking. It is an important part of children’s development to be able to consider the risks of an activity, learn to judge what is an appropriate level and to think about what steps they can take to make themselves safer.

Two children this week wanted to climb the bushes outside our Kids Club room. The staff member didn’t think that the branches were strong enough and was worried that they might damage the plants. The children then spotted a large tree that would be able to take their weight. The only problem was how to get up into it. They tried first of all with ropes. They decided to tie them to a bucket or pan to throw over the lowest branch and talked about which would be heavy enough but wouldn’t hurt them if it hit them.


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Once they had the rope over the branch they then tried climbing up it but couldn’t get high enough. They then decided to try attaching a chair. In order to make this safer they decided to create a seat belt and wear a bike helmet to protect their head. All of these considerations took them quite a while and they had just managed to raise the chair off of the ground when it was time to go home. No one actually made it up into the tree, but they had a great time trying, working together as a team and working out how to keep themselves safe throughout.