Jellybeans Childcare

We’re all in this together: How Jellybeans is sharing kindness in our community

In these times of uncertainty and change, it’s more important than ever to share kindness, connection and support in our communities where we can.

Every day the children at our Jellybeans centres remind us why we’ve chosen to work in early education and care.

In the midst of so much uncertainty and the disruption to their lives that has come with new rules around social distancing and self-isolation, they are thinking of others.

For our older friends 

To keep our elders safe, the children at Jellybeans Como no longer visit their local aged care home, meaning that both children and residents miss out on the joy that these excursions once brought to young and old.

The children wanted their friends to know that they were missed, and so put their heart and soul into a beautiful bright rainbow painting to put up in the aged care home.

The message of caring is being felt around our centres amongst families, staff and children. And it’s the little things that make a world of difference, like the surprise morning tea packs that our Carine centre in Western Australia gave to parents at drop-off.

We’re all in this together and doing all we can to stay safe and look out for each other.

What are you doing to spread kindness and show others that you are thinking of them at this time? We’d love to hear your stories.