Jellybeans Childcare

Kindergarten & Preschool

A quality kindergarten or preschool program supports your child to be a competent and capable learner. From birth, your child is developing skills and dispositions that enable them to experience success as a learner in school.

The kindergarten/preschool year cements these skills through play-based learning. Guided by qualified educators and teachers, the curriculum builds on children’s interests. This way, we can provide children with a purposeful and engaging program in the year prior to entering formal schooling.

Kindergarten and preschool programs in our centres offer parents the flexibility of convenient hours without compromise on the quality of learning provided.

We help children to develop a broad set of skills important for school through: 

  • A comprehensive curriculum embedding literacy, numeracy, STEM and the arts.
  • Stimulating environments that are purposeful and inspire curiosity.
  • Qualified teachers who facilitate a government-approved kindergarten or preschool program, taught by 4-year bachelor degree-qualified early childhood teachers.
  • A focus on social-emotional development.
  • A fun, play-based learning approach that engages active young minds.

Our programs maximise learning outcomes for children. We ultimately aim to ensure that each and every child develops skills to be successful in school and life.

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