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Happy Halloween from Jellybeans Marangaroo!

Seasonal Celebrations in early Education

Halloween can be an interesting time of year. There are families who celebrate this event annually without fail, and some who don’t acknowledge it. Some believe that it’s not necessary to celebrate in Australia, being that it is mostly celebrated in Ireland, the UK, America and other countries. Some find the holiday to be offensive. Some enjoy the history of the holiday and some just like a reason to party. We respect and embrace all cultures, values and beliefs at Jellybeans Marangaroo. We care for families from various backgrounds, so feel it is important to acknowledge these cultures. We look forward to all parent input and to learn more about your family history, cultures, values and beliefs so we can continue to provide a diverse and inclusive educational service for the community.


We decided to incorporate some elements of Halloween based on children’s interests, to expose the ways of our community and outside world and to expand learning. Some of the experiences we have been involved in include decorating a section of our foyer in a creepy and colourful way, dressing up, making “jack-o-lanterns” and learning about the human skeleton on our interactive whiteboard. We are looking forward to carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples and making sure we have a good balance between these healthy ingredients and the treats that come along with the season.

We will also be having a party for our children next week to enjoy all things festive, in light of Halloween such as dancing, cooking some yummy and adventurous treats, getting creative with art & craft, fancy dress competitions, costume designs, games and more. Although we have planned these exciting activities, there will be plenty of other educational and fun opportunities for children to participate in too as they wish. Stay tuned for more photos of our adventures at Jellybeans Marangaroo!