Jellybeans Childcare

The Great SciTech Roadshow at Jellybeans Carine!

Today at Jellybeans Carine we had the Scitech Roadshow come and visit us. The children used their senses to understand the world around them and discover how they are being scientists every day. The science roadshow fostered the children’s natural curiosity and encouraged them to ask why, how, and what if?


The children explored light, push and pull, living things and sounds; activities included investigating shadows and light. Moving objects with magnets, creating sounds, identifying sounds and more also piqued their interest! The children had lots of fun and were very entertained. 


Exposing children to the basic principles of science does wonders for fostering their curiosity and helping them make sense of the world around them. Through simple experiments like testing gravity or the density of liquids, can better help children make sense of the world around them. Not only does it prepare them for their future studies, but understanding the basics or at least the fundamental aspects of science might lower barriers to learning when it comes to making sense of more complex scientific studies in junior school and beyond!