Jellybeans Childcare

Unlocking the GameVault at Jellybeans Padbury

Wow! What a fun time we have been having at Jellybeans Kids Club in Padbury! We have returned back to School after a Jam Packed Vacation Care Program. One of the highlights of the holiday was the GameVault truck which came to visit us during Week Two of the holidays. Lots of our boys and girls are tech savvy and love playing their games and gadgets at home.  Everyone was so excited to have the chance to play their favourite computer games head to head with their friends!1 

GameVault is a unique interactive and fully mobile gaming experience with all the latest child friendly games inside. The boys and girls enjoyed two hours of fun and games inside the custom built truck as well as time outside the truck taking part in a group dancing game. Through this activity as well as being super fun it also allowed the children to collaborate with others, express ideas and make meaning using a range of media and communication technologies. This is an important aspect of the ‘My Time, Our Place’ learning framework we follow at OSHC. This is just one of the fun days we had over our Vacation Care at Jellybeans Padbury,  some of the other highlights included our visit to Perth Zoo and VIP tour of Patterson’s Stadium.