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Early Education in Care

We understand that sending your child to care can be a very difficult decision for some parents. It is common for parents to feel guilty about the decision and struggle with the concept. At Jellybeans Childcare we are very aware of this and our friendly, caring educators support each and every child and family in …

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Science Demonstrating Precipitation at Jellybeans Child Care

This month we are focusing on Earth Hour and protecting our environment for generations to come. One of the most crucial parts of our ecosystem is our climate and weather. To first introduce your children to understanding weather, why not complete this wonderful rain cloud experiment with them? This can be done with regular household …

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Happy Halloween from Jellybeans Marangaroo!

Seasonal Celebrations in early Education Halloween can be an interesting time of year. There are families who celebrate this event annually without fail, and some who don’t acknowledge it. Some believe that it’s not necessary to celebrate in Australia, being that it is mostly celebrated in Ireland, the UK, America and other countries. Some find the holiday …

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Learning Opportunities at Jellybeans Marangaroo!

Here at Jellybeans Marangaroo, our Early Childhood Teacher Jessica is bringing lots of natural elements into the environment for our Kindy Room. Each basket is filled with an educational work activity to assist the children with their numeracy, literacy, and science skills. Our generous monthly resource and material budgets have seen the introduction of many …

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