Jellybeans Childcare

Oral Hygiene at Jellybeans Carine

On Friday we had Oral health therapist Ellen and tooth fairy Katherine visit and speak with the children about keeping their teethphoto nice and healthy at home. The children really enjoyed Boris the dragon (the friendly puppet) and gave his teeth a really good clean! they showed the children how to brush their teeth in a circular motion for 2 minutes. They also talked about the good and bad foods and drinks. They learned that if any sugary food or drink is consumed then rinsing out with water afterwards helps wash away the bad bugs that like to eat teeth.

After teaching the children the importance of keeping their teeth nice and clean and eating a healthy diet we played some music and had a dance along with all the children and gave them all kids’ packs to take home with them for the parents with some useful information. It was a wonderful experience and they children were fantastic and very enthusiastic.