Jellybeans Childcare

Camping at Marmion Jellybeans

Tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, toasted marshmallows, and a BBQ! It’s all going on at Jellybeans Marmion on our holiday camping day!

We got very busy first thing in the morning and used our great camping skills to set up our new tents. At first we had no idea how to put them up and then Caitlin     got right inside the tent body. She investigated the inside of the tent and figured out exactly what needed to be done. She showed the rest of us and before we knew it we had them all up in a jiffy. We listened to Caitlin as she gave clear instructions on how to assemble the tents and before we knew it we had them up in no time at all!







We brought our sleeping bags and camping chairs out and set the scene for the day ahead. Our friends Leo and Sienna brought in their Teepee from home and The Gambles brought in their sun shade . Our camp site was set.

 We enjoyed old and new games throughout the day. We brought the board games out and played them inside the tents and under the sun shade. We played some sporting favourites such as footy and soccer. Our friends invented an adaptation game of hide and seek using the tents whereby they would hide in the tents and the ‘finder’ would call “Abi, green tent”. Throughout these experiences we have been effective communicators and being confident, involved learners.


For lunch we cooked a delicious sausage sizzle. The smell and sound of the sausages sizzling away made everyone very hungry and excited for the lunch. We also celebrated our wonderful educator Georgia’s 21st birthday with a special afternoon tea and lots of singing. (There are a lot of versions of Happy Birthday and we heard them all :)!).

When afternoon tea had finished we had a meeting and discussed fire safety and the importance of being safe around fires. Responsibility to care for and respect our environment were key elements of our meeting. We had a tall candle in a bucket of sand for stability and in turn we each had a go of roasting a marshmallow. We practiced our fire safety that we had just discussed and really enjoyed the yummy marshmallow.

IMG_2820At the end of the day we all helped to dismantle the tents and pack them away. We had a very busy, imaginative, informative and safe day and we are looking forward to our next camping adventure.